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What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant another name is the process of hair transplantation from the occipital and side areas to the affected and hairless area. It is a kind of tissue transplantation. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, with the help of hair transplantation one can achieve a natural look. Thus, due to the loss of hair one get psychological trauma and divergence from public life, and hair transplant will give the person feel confident.

Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrows in the human face is one of the most important aesthetic elements. Even the slightest change may lead to facial expression changes. With our experience and knowledge on hair transplantation today we want to turn to cosmetic surgery of Brows, no matter for what reason one has loss of eyebrows we can recreate, thicken eyebrows or lead to aesthetic form. The surgeon's experience in successful transplantation of eyebrows with aesthetic and artistic point of view is extremely important.

To whom can be done transplantation of beard and mustache?

Transplant beard, mustache can do after 20-22 years after basal hormone levels are settled. Transplantation is carried out in case of loss or the non appearance of a beard. Especially it applies to the area of scars.