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What is hair transplant? 

Hair transplant another name is the process of hair transplantation from the occipital and side areas to the affected and hairless area. It is a kind of tissue transplantation. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, with the help of hair transplantation one can achieve a natural look. Thus, due to the loss of hair one get psychological trauma and divergence from public life, and hair transplant will give the person feel confident.

To whom it may hair transplant?

Appropriate candidates for hair transplantation are those whose hair grow at the side and the occipital area of the head in sufficient quantity. For such people both methods FUT and FUE can be used. For other candidates the hair transplant can be applied if there is enough hair on the chest, on the legs. For such groups of people the FUE method can be used.

Development of a new method of hair surgery has led to the fact that in the past when men were not considered to be good candidates for hair transplant, but now they are considered to be suitable candidates.

For each patient, the latest technology and modern tools are used, not natural-looking big hair roots (grafts) are replaced with small hair roots that look more natural.

The so-called donor – hair which grow on the occipital side of the head will grow and will not drop out for the whole lifetime.

Hair transplanted to the bald area does not lose the ability to come out or grow. Loss of hair follicles is not related to their location, and their genetic characteristics.

Hair Mesotherapy 

Mesotherapy hair is a supportive therapy, this method cannot be used instead of a hair transplant. Basis philosophy-Mesotherapy is an introduction into the hair roots minerals, proteins, and special preparations. Thus, the hair roots get everything they need. If a patient is selected properly, Mesotherapy technique is considered to be appropriate and is very successful and one can get good results.

Are there different mixtures used for Mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy hair can be carried out by preparing mesococktails. It is preparing by a specialist or purchased ready-made. I use ready-mix in the clinic that has been verified in America and Europe and has been considered to be effective and acceptable means. While this mixture was even more expensive than others for a patient safety, we use the ready mix.

To whom it may applied to hair Mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy is used by both men and women who have problems with hair loss and dehydration. This process does not provide hair growth, therefore, is not a method of treating hair loss, but as a result it slows down and stops the balding process. Furthermore, after transplantation to improve the nutrition of hair the method of mesotherapy can be applied.

What should be expected from Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy technique leads to revitalize and strengthen of hair, reduces hair loss and provides nutrition of the hair roots.

By whom and how hair mesotherapy can be applied?

Hair mesotherapy is implemented by a plastic surgeon or a doctor having a lot of practice in this area. In the process, the preparation (cocktail) are inserted under the scalp with finest needles. The process lasts about 20 minutes. Cocktail is applied on the scalp. In the process it is essential to minimize the patient's perception of pain, i.e reduce the patient's pain sensitivity.

So agility of the doctor is important from this point of view.

How many sessions are necessary for hair mesotherapy? 

The number of sessions to be applied varies depending on the needs of a person. But in the clinic I apply Mesotherapy once every 4 weeks and 2 sessions in 15 days. After one session will take place in 3 months, which ensures the continuation (strengthening) of the result. According to the problem of a person and from the maintained results, the procedure may be once in a month or once every 6 months. Thus, the treatment is totally depend on needs of people.