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About Us

I am proud that this is one of the first centers of hair transplantation, and I have created many department clinics of hair transplant. This center was established in 2001, we are using new methods and technology for hair transplantation. Each year we improve the technique for hair transplantation. Achievements that we have acquired during our many years of experience in hair transplant, we want to give you. Due to the increasing number of grateful patients we have the growing number of our clients. Our clients it is the best recommendation of our clinic and our motto is "To be the best in everything that you do."


Our difference is while we are evaluating you we care about your well-being and the well-being of your hair.

Why us?

* In our operating room everything is sterile and safe

* Hair transplant surgery is performed by experienced and qualified doctors with their team

* We apply modern technologies and methods in transplantation

* We use worldwide known method FUE, however, we brought in some innovations based on our practice

* Depending on the thickness of the hair we use micro motor ends with 1 mm diameter at the site removing hair in order to avoid scarring

* During one session, without disturbing the natural balance of hair, we make maximum extraction of the hair roots and transplant them to the bald area

* We guarantee 100% natural appearance of the hair as in the recovery zone also in zone of transplantation

* In one session we get from 8.000- to 10,000 hair from the area of extraction of hair

* After removing the hair, the patients have the opportunity to see them

* We guarantee that even after a visit to the hairdresser hair retain their natural look

* We use LATERALSLIT (side method) in order to extract the field of hair follicles had no traces

* After a hair transplantation the patient is staying under medical supervision for a year

Director of the Hair Transplantation Clinic

Sibel Bakyrchy Ozkodzhan