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To whom it may hair transplant?

Appropriate candidates for hair transplantation are those whose hair grow at the side and the occipital area of the head in sufficient quantity. For such people both methods FUT and FUE can be used. For other candidates the hair transplant can be applied if there is enough hair on the chest, on the legs. For such groups of people the FUE method can be used.

Development of a new method of hair surgery has led to the fact that in the past when men were not considered to be good candidates for hair transplant, but now they are considered to be suitable candidates.

For each patient, the latest technology and modern tools are used, not natural-looking big hair roots (grafts) are replaced with small hair roots that look more natural.

The so-called donor – hair which grow on the occipital side of the head will grow and will not drop out for the whole lifetime.

Hair transplanted to the bald area does not lose the ability to come out or grow. Loss of hair follicles is not related to their location, and their genetic characteristics.