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To whom it may applied to hair transplantation? 

When it comes to hair transplant the first thought that comes to our mind is about stars, resorted to surgery or someone close poorly made transplantation. Immediately make comments, someone wonders whether hair grow really thinks someone glued hair wig or natural hair. However, when the transplant is successful, and even near it is impossible to understand that your hair or not. Hair transplant - it's not easy and not everyone can do this job, it is an aesthetic surgery,

which takes much work. The most important thing is a hair transplant patient selection. This means that not every person can do hair transplantation. Not everyone who has hair loss can use hair transplantation, for sure, is not the solution.

So to whom hair transplantation may be applied, may not be? 

The following paragraph is worth of noting; there are no age restrictions for transplantation. From 18 to 70 years every person who does not have serious health problems can use hair transplantation. The main requirement for transplantation is an equal distribution of hair. The second important thing in hair transplantation is the use of hair follicles in the donor area. So the presence of hair follicles and in the back of the upper part of the ear or on the thoracic or dorsal part of the body is important. After giving these two criteria it is established whether there is an obstacle in the patient health. When a patient has heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, diseases of the thyroid gland and in chronic diseases he can do the hair transplantation, but the disease is to be in stable condition. For example, people suffering from diabetes or pressure; transplantation will be carried out under local anesthesia under the supervision of a physician, but if there is an obstacle it is necessary to analyze. Nevertheless, in the absence of the normal functions of the patient's hair transplantation can not be performed. In addition, women, curious to know if the method is carried out for them. Yes, specialists also recommend to do a hair transplant to women. Even if men should completely shave the hair, women have to shave only a part of the donor. The result is very natural and transplant successful. As a result, transplantation is applied to each person who has a problem with hair. In the initial stages of hair loss one should try to use other methods of treatment. If, after using mesotherapy one does not stop hair loss, then you can resort to hair transplantation.