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Beard, mustache and sideburns transplantation 

For men, healthy hair, as well as the appearance of mustache, beard and sideburns is important that gives self-confidence. But sometimes they can not achieve the desired type of beard and mustache. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) according to statistics published in 2008, an increase by 110 per cent of transplantation in Turkey and neighboring countries is observed.

What is the reason of beard or mustache loss? 

Thickness, texture, and quality depends on genes. Within three years after puberty a beard takes the form and hair are thicken. When there is not change in male hormones, hair of the beard retain these characteristics. Regrowth of hair in the balding area through cosmetics or medicines do not exist yet. Also in the case of beard and mustache. Way out of this situation is a transplantation. Loss of hair on beard and mustache may occur because of the leather until the disease autoimmune diseases. Along with this, the heaviest table can create a hormonal imbalance. The male hormone testosterone in men when it falls below normal should be checked. When the disease Alopecia areta (alopecia areata) can be a loss of hair.

To whom can be done transplantation of beard and mustache? 

Transplant beard, mustache can do after 20-22 years after basal hormone levels are settled. Transplantation is carried out in case of loss or the non appearance of a beard. Especially it applies to the area of scars.

How transplantation of beard and mustache is performed? 

Anyone who has hair grow, can realize the beard and mustache transplantation. The surgeryis carried out by extracting hair follicles between the ears from the occipital region. When transplanting the beard, mustache and sideburns, who agrees with hair cut, transplantation should use only FUE, one who is not agree with hair cut, transplantation should use only the FUT. On the day of transplantation, skin is flushed in a week without a trace it will take its natural form. When transplanting pain and edemas do not occur. Beard, mustache and sideburns, which continue to grow after transplantation, after 8-9 days may be shortened and cut with scissors. After transplantation in 8-10 weeks the results begin to show. After the transplantation, the result of cultivated areas becomes so natural that the naked eye cannot discern that possible transplantation was made. The result is natural and permanent.