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Hair Structure 

People differ from each other by their characteristic features. Hair of the salient features one of the most diverse. Colour, shape, length differs for each person. Beyond all this natural diversity, people in accordance with their tastes and preferences changing their appearance. Centuries shape change in an individual hair is observed. Concept-hair and youth is often seen together. In contrast, hair loss in men perceived as maturity, as a sign of wisdom. Accordingly, each must decide for himself the importance of hair loss. What made the hair, the hair contains keratin and consists of three different layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla. Outer layer - a protective sheath is composed of squamous plates which are arranged in the form of tiles. Hair makes (covers) a large part of the brain (cortex).

Hair Color

Different colors and shades of hair is a result of melanin pigmentation. Melanin is produced on the basis of melanocytes which are located around the hair. Hair turns gray with age. But the real gray hair in old age are rare, often called gray strands of hair, a mixture of white and pigmented hair. "Greying" in the early stages is due to the sudden loss of pigmentation. People belonging to different ethnic groups may differ by section of hair. Caucasian group - oval section of hair and curly hair characterized. In Africa and the Caribbean people have hair with a flat section and spiral hair matted. In Asian countries, usually circular cross section and straight hair. Human hair grows continuous cycles.

Life cycle of hair consists of three phases: anagen (growth phase), catagen (degradation phase) and telogen (resting phase). Anagen phase is about 1000 days, a few weeks catagen phase and the telogen phase lasts about 100 days. Telogen phase the hair is from 5 to 10%. Anagen cycle is the most normal hair growth cycle. Each hair grows in its own "personal schedule", that’s why different hair in the same time is at different stages of it`s life cycle: 90% of hair is in the active growth phase (anagen) and the cycle lasts 2 or 7 years, 10 % in the resting phase (catagen). During the growth phase of the hair follicles that make the rest of the transition period is a short period.

Telogen phase - relaxation phase of hair and this takes about 3-4 months. At the end of the resting phase of hair fall off and with the same root to produce new hair and returned to the anagen phase.

Thus about 20 times a lifelong hair go through the whole cycle.