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Before and after hair transplantation 

After Hair Transplant 

It is necessary to take medication prescribed by a doctor regularly. Within 12 hours after surgery, you cannot drive a car. Avoid the following operations after the surgery:

Heavy duty works


Super excitation

Sport (1 month)

Sexual activity (3 days)

Do not take alcoholic beverages

No smoking

First time you can wash hair after 3 days after surgery. It is recommended to wash your hair once a day 1 for about 10 days with a recommended special shampoo and lotion contraindicated massage movements in hair. Need to apply lotion to hair transplantation and wait 30 minutes. Lotion is absorbed into the skin and softens the skin. On the field of transplantation lightly apply shampoo lotion, poured into the palm of gentle movements lubricate copiously head in hair transplantation area and in no way massage. Immediately after, apply a lotion with hands gently and shampoo lightly striking, but not crushing foam your head. After completing all the massage movements rinse hair. After reducing the crust formed in hair transplantation in 10 days you can back to everyday life and can use your shampoo. The first 3 days one should stay away from the polluted environment. After 3 weeks after transplanting, hair can fall out, please do not fall into panic. After 8 weeks the hair starts to grow again. Within 6 months, hair becomes thicker.